Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrift Score Thursday

Mara is hands-down the best dresser in the family. She hasn't let me dress her since she was three years old. All I do is provide the wardrobe, she handles the rest. Won't even take suggestions from me. She doesn't need me, her creative sensibilities keep her looking smart. (See this post from two years ago.)

mara dress

Red crochetted top she used to wear as a dress when she was smaller.


Her favorite stripy dress, and a cabbage patch doll I got from a rummage sale. Vintage coat I've been holding onto for a few years waiting for her to grow into it.


  1. Great style! I would love that striped dress outfit for myself :) Such a pretty girl, too.

  2. she is totally adorable. i love the red top. thrift store scores are the best.