Wednesday, November 16, 2011

new 'do


Some things have stayed the same for years. Like these boots that my friend gave me have been my favorite since forever ago, and knit dresses with thick tights is all I really want to wear in fall/winter. Other things change. My hair has been long for a while and I finally went back to a short style (inspired by a favorite movie). It's taking some time to get used to. You may have noticed the new 'do in one of my product shots. But otherwise I've been kinda sheepish, as I like to wear my red hat over it 24/7. Not because I don't like the cut, I just need to ease into it or something.



  1. i like it and i think you are beautiful! i am a little sheepish towards change too but it seems i usually like it once i take the time to adjust. must be a maternal sort of thing??? enjoy your new do

  2. You look so French! I have major hair envy.

  3. Your new haircut is so pretty--great texture and slight wave. Your short bangs makes me want to get short, choppy bangs again (last time I had them was 10 years ago!)!

  4. i love it. tis the season for new do's! amelie is my favorite, too. <3