Tuesday, February 9, 2010

synesthasia and synchronicity

Sometimes Matthew turns on music in the morning to get us all out of bed. He was playing Vampire Weekend this morning.
When Mara (4) came down for breakfast, she excitedly proclaimed "This song matches my dress!"
Elijah (8) said that was stupid, but Matthew scolded him.
I asked Mara to come into the other room (where there's more light) so I could snap this picture. I happen to be asking her to come away from the stereo so she asked "...so we don't get the music in the picture?"
Then, after I had dropped the kids off at school, "Why can't I touch it" by Drink Up Buttercup (sorry, I couldn't find a link to that song) came on WMSE. Perfect. The lyrics are very much about synesthesia.
I love it when life is really weird, but then totally validated by synchronicity.

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  1. this post and photo just put the biggest smile on my face, i love that girl!