Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some things at Fasten right now that I really like

It takes a bit of self-control to work here. So many things I want to buy! Here are some of my favorite items handmade by local designers and still available in the store this very minute.

Linda Muza of Blue Rose makes these fingerless gloves out of cashmere sweaters. She hand embroiders words on the knuckles, remeniscent of prison tatoos.

Happy Fucking Holidays. Well said. By 16 Sparrows.

Madam Chino headband. Amazing retro fabrics with rad prints on them. This one is her cassette print. Keeps your ears toasty warm while sledding.

Le Petit Forest. Antique watch, little charms. So sweet.

Scandeez. Made from reclaimed leather.

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