Thursday, December 18, 2008

That Holiday Spirit

It's the holidays. I really don't do well this time of year. Things are super busy at the store (I'm not plagued by hoards of customers, but it's all the plotting I do to try to attract them that keeps me so busy). Also, I'm super busy in my studio sewing. Then there's the parties. Everyone loves a party, but 1 to 2 engagements every night for 8 days straight (most of them being with family) -that's way too fuckin much. Then there's the shopping. We're really broke, but really idealistic. Trying to buy everything fair trade, handmade, or from local retailers. A lot of the time, prices make these things unattainable, so I end up making gifts (way more than I have time for, and at the last minute).

So within this chaos, my home is completely neglected. But with family in town, and our traditional New Years Sushi Party coming up, I'm beginning to freak. I call the huge wads of dust and fabric scraps, and the 6 month-old pile of pictures in the living room that I've been meaning to hang, and the random scattered boxes of crap that either have to be stored or sent to goodwill, an embarrassment. My husband tells me doesn't know what the heck I'm talking about. And that just makes me even more stressed. On top of all this, Mara and I are sick.
So that's why I'm not doing so well right now. But at least I took a moment to sit at the computer and rant. Now I feel better.

Our traditional Christmas Cookie Bake at Mom's house makes me feel better.

And Mara dressing herself for the elements, that cheers me up too.

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