Friday, January 2, 2009

Sushi and Fried Pickles

Happy new year!

Each new year's eve we have a party at our house. It's much more fun and safer than going out to hang with waisted strangers at bars and clubs. We have a shit-ton of food, booze, and all the fixings to make your own sushi. While Ana was making the tempura shrimp, I threw a few pickles in the batter. Of course, the pregnant woman was the only one to eat them.

As always, it was a very musical night.

"Fuck 2008!"

Mara was bright and chipper at 8am New Years morning. Although I was not hung-over, I was feeling pretty crusty after only 4 hours of sleep. But playing charades until 4am with your good friends is totally worth it. Ana and I are the best team ever! Yeah, "Cheeze Whiz"!

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