Friday, December 23, 2011

Thrifty Christmas

Here are just a few of the home-made and altered thrift store gifts the kids are getting this weekend. We spent very little this year, which was necessary due to our Brazil trip.



We actually made these blocks for a friend but we had extras so we decided to give some to Solomon. If you have access to a saw, all you need is a square-end dowel and some non-toxic paint to make your own.

makai shirts

Makai is going to love his appliqued t-shirts! He's really into having animals and dinosaurs on his clothes. If I wasn't so pressed for time I would have taken it a step further inspired by my friend's awesome work.

sailor shirt

That Mini Boden shirt was only $1. The stripes match the Zhu Zhu pet outfit she got from her grandma recently. I already had the sailor patch to pop on the pocket. She's going to think it's so cute to match her little buddy!

Also, we bent the no-toy rule just a bit and got Elijah some "new" Sega games (he love it old-school) and Mara is getting a doll along with some of my scrap fabric and my old sewing machine. I'm really looking forward to designing and making doll clothes with her!


  1. Merry Christmas, Janelle, your kids are lucky to have such a cool mama. Have an INCREDIBLE time on your trip!