Monday, October 17, 2011



This morning the boys gave me hell when dropping them off at daycare. I pretty much got my heart broken by each of them. But I've been super productive catching up with orders from boutiques, making changes to the blog design, and cleaning my studio. So even after the tears this morning, I still feel good about the new schedule.


  1. Gorgeous studio. A dream actually. I think I'll spend my day today working on my space to make it lovely. Lately I've been thinking a lot about Virginia Wolf and her literary encouragement for creating space of "Of One's Own." I so deeply relate to her sentiment when she wrote,
    "I am rooted, but I flow."

    Good for you for taking that next step in motherhood, womanhood and humanhood.

  2. Isn't cleaning up a studio really fun/hard/frustrating? Looks like you've carved out a nice space. I started blogging about cleaning out my studio as I uncovered old pieces and thought about the life I lived while making them. Who needs photos? Just look at your old art. (