Thursday, October 20, 2011

apple truck

Vintage red.

Because we basically only shop at the thrift store, we end up with a lot of cute vintage clothes and toys. There's no color theme I love more for kids than the primary reds, blues, yellows you find on those old Fischer Price toys and little appliqued sweater vests.

The kids grow so fast. I think I'll start posting pics of these special little outfits and toys on the blog weekly to document the adorableness before they're outgrown. What should I call it? Thrift Score Thursday?


  1. i think thrift score thursday is a PERFECT name :)
    i like the play on words with thrift store and thrift score...very catchy!

  2. i love the name thrift score thursday! it will be fun to see all your sweet grabs for the kiddos!