Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm finally beautifying my kitchen! The pale yellow that had been on the walls was driving me insane. I will never again paint another wall that putrid color! The brown feels great, and it goes well with the green below the chair rail that was already there. I painted and put up these shelves from various thrift stores to hold spice jars and fruit baskets (also thrifted). And I'm excited to finally have a place to hang the dish towel that my friend embroidered for me (higher up and safe from dirty little hands).
Matthew put the decorative grate over the vent which had been nothing but a gaping hole in the wall for 5 years.
And my collection of antique iron and copper trivets finally have a home! We just grab them off the wall when we need one.


  1. it looks so good, glad to see the towel found a home!

  2. Gorgeous! That brown makes the room feel very cozy.