Thursday, January 28, 2010

buried treasure

Here is something truely magical. Newspapers unearthed by my sweet sweet husband while working in the attic of the house he's fixing up on 28th street. They were stuffed inside the wall. We've found lots of goodies in the walls of old homes we've fixed up, but this takes the cake. Dated 1918-1920, in really good condition, and mostly fashion articles! Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures and discoveries as I go through them!


  1. LOVE stuff like this!!! When my parents were adding an addition to our kitchen, they found old newspapers stuffed in the walls as insolation. There's one that is featuring the Wizard of Oz as an upcoming movie. :)

    We still have them too.

  2. What an amazing find! I love stuff like this, and it is indeed, magical.