Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Up North

We went to see my parent's new cabin up north for the first time over the holiday weekend. The place isn't finished, but there's a toilet and electricity, so it was better than camping! The property is AMAZING! It's on the border between Wisconsin and Upper Michigan on a little lake with NO ONE around. Silence and solitude. So refreshing.


It's a long drive, but the kids did a good job of occupying themselves.


Three generations.


My boys in their best north-woods attire.


The fourth of July parade in the next town was weird in a good way.


And they tossed the most candy I've ever seen in a parade!


Mara freaked.



My dad made a little fishing pole out of some broken line and a fallen branch. Makai caught the first fish off of their new deck!



Such an awesome weekend.


  1. Looks like a fun trip. Great photos too.

  2. Were you in Minocqua by chance? I am pretty sure I recognize the BP station and Mercer Loon Day starts August 3rd. I just got back from Manitowish Waters yesterday!

  3. looks like a perfect holiday weekend. i love the pic of the boys in their flannel. :)

  4. Jen, Wow! You were just a few miles from me this weekend! We were in Mercer for the parade and fireworks, but the cabin is even further north in Presque Isle. And yes, I know Minocqua well. We used to go there every summer. Did you stop by the flea market in Boulder Junction on Tuesday? It looked pretty good from the hwy, but I couldn't stop to check it out.

  5. We're in Manitowish Waters, but stopped by Mercer for a quilt show on Wednesday, maybe you were gone by then, the giant Mercer loon always cracks me up! I used to go to a knitting shop in Presque Isle before they moved. Didn't get to stop by the flea market this time, hopefully the next time I'm up there, there's usually something good. A few years ago there were three Featherweight machines in really good condition. I always get so excited when I find people who head up there, it's so beautiful! Looks like you had an amazing time!