Sunday, July 31, 2011

taking the time

This morning I got up early and crammed in 30 minutes to make myself a skirt with the bottom of a vintage dress I had cut years ago, and 30 seconds to do something a little nicer than the messy mom bun.

sewing and styling

No matter how busy I am, time invested in myself always pays off 10 fold. I am in a better mood now and will have more fun with the kids and get even more accomplished around the house. Everyone wins.

Speaking of winning and time, (hehe) you only have 1 day left to enter my necklace giveaway!


  1. I love this! Its so true- if I take time to do something for myself it does benefit everyone.

  2. Love the print on that skirt! I find most of the time thinking about doing something takes longer than the actual doing! Great advice, not only for mommy's.

  3. i need to do the same--off to the mirror! love the skirt. :)

  4. you speak the truth! (the skirt is so pretty. i wish i had sewing skillz.)