Friday, June 10, 2011

meet chevron's little sister

fast clouds

She's a funny little sister because she's actually older. But smaller. I made her before this one along with dozens of other prototypes while working on the summer collection. I went with the bone hairpipe necklace, because I think as a designer I like things to be bold. But I kept this other sample and wore it a lot because as a regular lady, I like things a little more manageable. Well, I've been loving on this necklace (as both longer and shorter) so much I decided it should be part of the collection too.

new jewelry

I've been really torn about adding it because I've been trying to par down and be better at curating a more streamline collection. I think the thing that makes talented designers stand apart is their ability to EDIT. I have millions of ideas that I'm excited about. But when it comes to presenting a body of work, I need to focus on a theme, grab only the greatest ideas that fit within the theme, and fine-tune each idea into one solid product. But when I succeeded in engineering the form for these necklaces (the cascading V's) I just got so excited because it was something I'd never seen before. So I just wanted to keep doing it with every possible material I could find!


The theme was inspired by native american chest plates, so the bone hairpipe was an obvious choice, but first I found these beads as a tangled beat-up mess as one of those hippie bead curtains at a rummage sale! They're bamboo with weathered paint on them (I think the curtain looked like a waterfall in it's past). So they're reclaimed, cheap, and I've got a never-ending supply. That's not the case with the bone, another thing to consider...

Anyways, I listed it in the Etsy shop here. If you could tell me what you think about all that, I'd really appreciate it. :)


  1. I love your jewelry. I make jewelry as well so I'm pretty picky. I love bold designs and I think you've got that pegged. Good Job!

    Moriah Bethany

  2. Oh my goodness. I love this necklace so much. I also love your shop and I think the necklace fits perfectly with the collection.