Thursday, January 13, 2011


Solomon and I are finally home after a little vacation at the hospital. On Saturday we took him to the doctor because his cold seemed to be bothering him too much. He was very congested and breathing fast. The doctor was concerned about his oxygen levels and sent us to Children's Hospital. We knew the drill, we had been through this with Makai when he was the same age. He had bronchiolitis, which is the most common cause of hospitalization for babies. Basically, babies' airways are so small that any little bit of constriction or mucus can make it dangerously difficult to breath. So you stay in the hospital where they can give baby oxygen and suction the boogers out while you sit there and wait for the virus to go away.

Not fun. But our super family helped with the other kids so Matthew didn't have to miss too much work. I stayed with Sol the whole time. I got some writing and sketching done, and they had free wifi so I got to watch like a dozen episodes of The Office on netflix.

Sol's doing great now. We're so happy to be home.

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