Monday, November 22, 2010

indoor camping


The weather is turning cold here in Wisconsin. This weekend it was in the 30's. With a newborn in the family, it will be hard to spend much time outside, or even out anywhere, so we're gearing up for a long winter at home. Sometimes it's hard to keep everyone occupied without resorting to movie marathons. My kids don't really play with toys (someone please tell my parents and in-laws this!) but they've got great imaginations. This weekend we went camping in the living room.

Solomon is 3 weeks old already. He's a sweetheart. I can't wait until he's playing with the big kids. But I'm savoring these early days while he's still so small and doesn't yet interact with us. He's such a funny little creature.

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  1. awww this is so cute! looks like such a fun time!