Monday, October 18, 2010

39 weeks


Here I am with just one more week to go. Can you tell that I'm tired? My belly is sooo big. But amazingly I haven't swelled up much anywhere else! I keep waiting for my shoes to stop fitting and my face to get a little rounder. I just lucked out this time. Yessss.

After a few weeks of very low energy I've got a second wind and I'm nesting like crazy! After 3 pregnancies now I'm sure that my house is always cleanest when I'm 9 months pregnant. Which is amazing considering what a physical handicap it is to be full term prego. Beside cleaning, I'm also doing some decorating and some necessary organizing. Feels good.

I dreamt that I'm having a boy. Seems like the strongest sign so far, but I'm still not sure. My first girl instinct way back in the beginning has stuck around...This is going to be the most anticipated surprise of my life!

Wish me luck!