Thursday, September 30, 2010

37 weeks and a birthday

37 weeks

Yesterday was my birthday. I ran errands, took a nap, and played in the backyard. A perfect low-key day. When Matthew came home he took some pictures of us, which I'm glad for. Each year flies by faster than the last, and photographs make me feel like I'm doing something to keep the moments from totally disappearing.

I sewed up the dress I'm wearing the night before. It's so comfortable.

birthday 2010


  1. happy birthday janelle! congrats! you look great!

  2. Hi I am just a reader. I love all the pictures of your [life]style, and I was wondering where you got your shoes, or did you make them?

  3. oh wow!
    Are those your two kids?
    They are so adorable!!
    And I thought you were having your first.
    So you must know...TIME FLYS..


  4. Jane, the shoes are vintage. I wish I knew how to make shoes!

    Pearl, thank you. Yes, time does go really fast when you have a family! My older two are 5, and 21 months.