Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanks for the dish rags, Urban

This, my friends, is a pile of t-shirts that in my eyes are still brand spankin new. I bought all these shirts less than 12 months ago. Yet I cannot wear them anymore. Despite my obedience to the care instructions, they have turned into pilly, fuzzy, misshapen rags. It's not the inconvenience or the waste of money that bugs me. What really bugs me is my suspicion that thousands of people are buying these shirts and throwing them away 3 months later, over, and over, and over again. You get what you pay for? maybe. But it only took 7 days for that $50 cardigan I bought there last month to turn to shit (I returned it). And that, my friends, will be the last purchase I make from any cheap trendy store for a very very long time (maybe forever).


  1. three days after buying a tri-blend tee, the stitching failed in one spot (right on the chest) and caused a hole. it just unraveled! i called to complain and they sent me another one for free.

    after the pill-y stage, they get really threadbare and see-through.

  2. thanks for the warning. i've never bought anything from them but was recently tempted. i hate buying things that i can make but the price was right. you made my decision easy. thanks for saving me some money