Thursday, December 10, 2009

What I bought

Went shopping while I was at Renegade of course. Shit, I didn't buy one damn x-mas present! It was all for me, except a thank you gift for my hubby.
The past few months have been insane. I've been shipping out to stores, preparing for fairs, and Matthew has been really busy with his business too. All without childcare. So he's made a lot of sacrifices for me, even though Little Ocean doesn't always make as much money as he. He stayed home with the kids (one of which he had to wrestle just to get him to take a bottle) while I was away all weekend. For all that I said "Thank you!" with this notebook from Ex Libris Anonymous.

I was excited to see this on sale!

Dress from Holly Hue.

Embroidery from Moxiedoll.

Necklace from Verameat.

Hair cuff from Feather Heart Trading Co.
I'm really happy with my purchase. Though I feel like I over-indulged just a bit....


  1. oh i love embroidery round thing! ha

    very kistch!!


  2. oh i love the hair cuff! it's so cute on you. xo,fh