Tuesday, November 17, 2009

squish your squash

I made my favorite soup last week- creamy butternut squash. I was eating the last bowl for lunch the other day when I was suddenly struck by how beautiful it's color was. Yummy golden mustard autumn pencil yellow. (The picture above looks a lot more orange than it's supposed to.) Then I realized that EVERY garment I've purchased new in the past 3 months is this very color! It's not that amazing really, because I buy very little clothing new. I'm actually speaking of only 3 things- a sweater vest from Urban Outfitters, a cardigan from Target, and some tights. It's the color of the season, I guess. It shows up in my collection a bit. You'll be able to see it in action in my booth at Art vs Craft on the 28th.
Mustard yellow messanger/laptop bag by iroshka. See how wonderful this color looks next to purple!

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