Tuesday, November 3, 2009

spreading myself out

Lots of mini collections going out to boutiques these days. Besides Milwaukee, Little Ocean is also now in Texas, Maryland, Kentucky, Illinois, and soon to be in Oakland, CA at a store called Bella Vita.

It feels good to get myself out there. But I do feel like I'm figuratively spread too thin. It takes me longer than I plan to get these orders and collections together, and I'm neglecting my etsy store. Not to mention, I've got two shows coming up in a few weeks with no inventory ready! I guess I should keep on with it though, because after Christmas things will slow down. I'm just behind and feeling stressed because of some yucky yucky illnesses in the house. (I just changed pukey sheets, rocked a whining babe back to sleep, and dispensed Tylenol to 3 people all in the past hour. I feel like I'm running an infirmary!)

I will get caught up. I must! Art vs Craft on Nov 28th is going to be awesome, and then I've got Renegade Holiday Show on Dec 5th & 6th. There are so many great things I can't wait to sew up. I just have to get used to 6 hours of sleep each night.

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