Thursday, June 11, 2009


She has style.

When I was small, I let my mother dress me in whatever was clean. Mara likes to dress herself, and is rather picky. Recently, it seems that she has picked up this "I must be beautiful always" obsession at school. Her schoolmate Sophie (right) has got the bug too. Now, I don't care how ridiculous Mara looks (she has a wonderfully funky definition of "beautiful"), I'll send her to school in almost anything, but I do have 2 reasonable requirements; A) it must be weather appropriate, and B) her butt and nipples must be covered. Somehow, these rules have caused some serious confrontations. I hope to goodness that the only reason that our morning altercations get so heated is simply because Mara is incredibly stubborn. If that's not it, that would mean that some sort of kindergarten peer pressure has brainwashed her into getting all psycho about her appearance.

I'm sure the phase will pass quickly. It's summer now, so no worries about requirement A, and I'm sure she'll realize with just a few more trips to the park that dresses don't always lend themselves well to slides and sandboxes.

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