Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brand New Studio!

My brother-in-law who originally bought the house with Matthew, moved out last week. So with one extra room in the house, we decided to move out of our old bedroom and turn it into the office/sewing room. I can't relate to you how wonderful I feel right now. This is the biggest, most convienient, comfortable, and well organized space I have ever worked in. I'm in heaven.

Stephanie worked with me on Sunday getting things started. She is awesome, and really help set the tone of "Are you really ever going to use this? Let's get rid of it." A very necesarry attitude considering I've been collecting fabric and things for a decade now.
Look at this beautiful arrangement she did for me.

Moving and organizing my collection of fabric and trim was a huge job that actually took me about 25 hours to complete (my entire week so far). Truth be told, I have a few more storage bins in my basement, and in my parent's basement. But let's not think about that right now.

This is what my old studio looked like half-way through the move.

Cataloging all my home-made patterns.

How long can I keep things this tidy?

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